From conception of the character to this day, milestones have been reached with little fanfare. The OG D’EVOLs Collection has Sold and traded value of over 200 eth with a relatively small batch of 122 EVOLs.
EVOL Couture has launched, the merch store is set to follow Q3 2021.
The EVOL Figurine is already being manufactured and will be Available for purchase soon. The Figure will be the first blockchain native character to be released as a toy with an NFT accompanying it.


The EVOL Character will continue to grow and EVOLve. Plans are in motion to release ‘The Story of EVOL’ in various forms ranging from 1/1 NFT Artwork and Physical Book Releases.
EVOL Couture will commit to a quarterly Merch Capsule with G’EVOL & D’EVOL holders receiving priority ahead of general drops.
The EVOL Fund for Little Shits - We Plan to funnel funds from the project back into the NFT Community at large but also by championing and guiding young artists into the space. Be it by covering minting costs, promoting untapped talent or helping projects take off, EVOL is dedicated to giving back.

G'EVOLs will be listed at 0.1 ETH per mint

8888 G'EVOLS will be created and minted. 50 Mints will be reserved from the sale. These will be held for competitions and the team's memberships.

No! Absolutely not! Just because apes did it doesn’t mean it applies to everything. This project is the life work of KidEight and all EVOLs IP and storyline stay in his complete control.

Tribute art of the EVOLs you own is fine, please don’t take the piss.

By purchasing an EVOL you are effectively a part of the EVOL story and timeline, buckle in.

Get Used to it